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People replied from their phones faster than from their tablets (28 minutes compared to 57 minutes.) Email responses from tablets were faster than on desktops, which took an average of 62 minutes. Average number of words per email was 20, 27 and 60 respectively.

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State news agency Xinhua said that the trial of a secondformer senior energy executive, Tao Yuchun, once general managerof CNPC's Kunlun Natural Gas Utilisation Company, opened in thesouthern city of Zhuhai on the same day.

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Researchers from JPL will use two Twin Otter research aircraft to fly two remote sensing instruments over the area. The Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRISng) observes spectra of reflected sunlight and will be used to create a higher resolution map of the region’s methane output.

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She explained that she had spoken to many doctors, surgeons and naturopaths and there are ‘other options' and the most important thing ‘is to learn about the options and choose what is right for you personally'.

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The Game of Thrones actress kept it simple in a black quilted bomber, skinny black jeans and all-black Nike Air Force 1’s which have a distinctive throwback feel to them with their matte leather finish and padded cuffs.

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“Due to their restriction in the wild to just a single and relatively small site, they’re incredibly vulnerable to threats of invasive species or disease, which would be catastrophic if introduced to Lake Oku.”

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Then we’re away on our modest pilgrimage towards Lincoln, along farm tracks and criss-crossing fields. The route is not waymarked as the Bishop Langton Way, but fingerposts and rights of way hold the walker’s hand all the way to Lincoln through an open, somehow subtracted landscape of field after field of potatoes, broccoli and cabbages.

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"Lou brought a champion's perspective and a legacy of accomplishment to our coverage along with his distinctive style and humor. We appreciate his contributions and wish him all the best in the future."

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The attention for the last few years has mainly been on Labour's demand side economic policy - more spending - but in the longer run, their supply side policy of economic reform may be more important.

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Aides have said Clinton's campaign schedule will feature plenty of smaller events where she can listen to voters. Her visit to Iowa, which holds the kickoff contest in the nominating process early in 2016, will be a "listening tour." It will include a roundtable discussion with students and educators on Tuesday and small-business owners on Wednesday.

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The beast was probably about six metres long and its remains were found in a quarry in Alberta, Canada, in 1994. Its skull, housed in Alberta's Royal Tyrrell Museum, shows many injuries which Dr Hone and his colleague Darren Tanke, a senior technician at the museum, have now described in detail.

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While some fund managers want greater urgency, the EUexecutive is mindful that problems in the bond market such asthe failure of secondary market volumes to keep pace with strongprimary market issuance have been evident for years,

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