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Haider al-Abadi said the "marked increase" in airstrikes, weapons deliveries and training has helped roll back the extremist group, but that more is required to eliminate the group once and for all.
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The BBC's South Asia regional editor Jill McGivering says the Communist Party has always forbidden gambling but, until the launch of the recent anti-corruption campaign, many officials nonetheless flocked to Macau's casinos to place bets - and often spent their winnings on luxury goods.
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At a shopping mall appearance, a crowd gathers around the young boy as he bops his head to the beat, his large headphones slipping off. Adults whip out their cellphones to capture the moment while children just stare.
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"One of the most powerful things when we first were working to make changes was to visit other places across the nation and to see it in action," Lacey” says. "We would leave these particular schools so inspired and with the mindset that, 'We can do this, we know we can do this.'"
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From March 25 through April 8, not only did the Spurs win all nine of their games, but they won each by at least 12 points. No team in NBA history has ever had a longer such streak; San Antonio's run matched the 2008-09 Cavaliers and the 2011-12 Heat.
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Obama is urging lawmakers to reject or modify Corker’s bill, but some senior Democrats support it. Corker’s allies say they are close to a two-thirds majority in support, the threshold needed to override a president’s veto.
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Grass returned to the theme in Too Far Afield (1995) in which he attacked reunification as a new Anschluss — a poorly planned, crude and often corrupt takeover of East Germany’s public assets by capitalists.

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